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The HBC Journey


Heart-Based Coaching (HBC) Journey is an interactive online workshop intended for parents and other adults. This course has the tenet of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). It covers Coaching, Communication, and Leadership skills. Here are the inquiries for you? 

~ Are you passionate about Coaching?

~ Are you looking for a new career?

~ Do you want to be a Certified Life Coach?

~ Do you value fun and experiential learning?


Welcome, this class is for you! There are seven (7) modules in the course. One (1) module per week for 4-hours a day. 


Module 1: Overview of the Heart-based Coaching (HBC)! This program has been proven by Participants that were parents, teachers, and other professionals. HBC will teach you all the coaching skills necessary to Coach from A to Z!

Module 2: Asking Powerful Questions; the first foundation of HBC is APQ. 

A Coach has to be curious. One of the ways to do it is to ask open-ended questions. 


Module 3: Listening; the second foundation of HBC. There are 3-ways of listening when you are coaching. Head-based, Heart-based, and Gut-based.


Module 4: Intuition; the third foundation of HBC. It is an essential skill when coaching an individual. Practicing the 6th sense is key to honoring the client.


Module 5: Mindfulness; the fourth foundation of HBC. There are two ways to navigate as a Coach - being mindful, which is a skill you use in Coaching when someone is emotionally charged, and Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment through practice. 


Module 6: Acknowledgment, the fifth foundation of HBC. Learn how to see, hear, and listen in depth to the whole essence of the human being.


Module 7: ALIMA Model; Practicing the model and other coaching skills.


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Welcome to Becoming a
Certified Heart-based Coach (CHBC)

Step 1: Understanding Your passion; You love people - connecting, communicating, understanding, and empowering others. You desire to be of service or emotionally and mentally grow as a human being, likewise to your loved ones or neighbors, and offer your Individual Coaching to parents, students, and teachers. 

Step 2: Register now; pick Tuesday or Thursday class. (Click here to register)


Step 3: HBC Program; Attend the Orientation to understand the scope of CHBC. Don't forget to prepare all your questions.


Step 4: Commitment; On-training, participate in a 4-hour class each week; off-training is connecting to fellow HBC,

practicing Coaching, or preparing Homework.

Step 5: HBC Guest; to get other coaching perspectives, attend a 1 hour HBC Guest call on Wednesday.

Step 6: Mentorship Call; don't forget to schedule a one-on-one call with your Mentor to deepen your learning.

Step 7: Fun Class; enjoy learning HBC through an interactive online class, meeting people from other parts of the world, and being in a supportive and loving community!


The HBC skills using ALIMA Model you practice will make you a conscious human being, and your impact on others will be contagious! Imagine if you also offer your empowerment coaching service to others? 


With that, cheers to making our world a better place to live because you are indeed a HEART-BASED COACH!

2022 Fall Classes

We have two interactive online classes on Zoom. The first batch will start on September 13, 2022 to October 25, 2022, every Tuesday from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm PST each week, then the second batch will be on September 15, 2022, until October 27, 2022, every Thursday from 7:00 am to 11:00 am PST of each week.


For Registration, we offer a 50% discount for those who will pay for the program before August 20, 2022. It is a first-come-first-serve basis only. We also provide affordable Payment Plans to suit your needs (click this link).


For more details, listed below are the schedule of classes for each batch; there is also a button you can click to book your schedule:

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