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Holding Hands


 The Alliance of Coaches for Education

We honor diversity in the team and are committed to equity and inclusion by calling forth all coaches from around the world. By creating a culture of fun, an environment of learning, growth, and possibilities will emerge. Relationships are cultivated by trust and safety and communication stands in presence, seeing, listening, and evoked awareness. 

Core Values

TACE values are embedded in IFACE, which represents our commitment to








The alliance of coaches for education is dedicated to the development of relationships and communications in the educational system.  We seek to enhance these relationships through the cultivation of the coaching mindset in the classroom and beyond.


Through our Heart-Based Coaching program, we train the trainer, to approach communication and relationships between educators, academic staff, administrators, parents and students with skills and coaching tools.


To create a world of heart-based sages committed to fostering champions of possibilities in our schools, homes, and communities.



The Alliance of Coaches for Education aims to bring coaching to schools, local communities, and individuals who want to learn life coaching. Our Heart-based Coaching (HBC) program trains Coaches from A to Z coaching skills. The graduates can effectively and professionally coach the parents, students, and teachers with their learned HBC skills.

TACE Programs


Heart-based Coaching

HBC Journey is an interactive online workshop intended for parents and other adults. This course has the tenet of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). It covers Coaching, Communication, and Leadership skills. Here are the inquiries for you? 

~ Are you passionate about Coaching?

~ Are you looking for a new career?

~ Do you want to be a Certified Life Coach?

~ Do you value fun and experiential learning?


Welcome, this class is for you! There are seven (7) modules in the course. One (1) module per week for 4-hours a day. 


Module 1: Overview of the Heart-based Coaching (HBC)! This program has been proven by Participants that were parents, teachers, and other professionals. HBC will teach you all the coaching skills necessary to Coach from A to Z!

Module 2: Asking Powerful Questions; the first foundation of HBC is APQ. 

A Coach has to be curious. One of the ways to do it is to ask open-ended questions. 


Module 3: Listening; the second foundation of HBC. There are 3-ways of listening when you are coaching. Head-based, Heart-based, and Gut-based.


Module 4: Intuition; the third foundation of HBC. It is an essential skill when coaching an individual. Practicing the 6th sense is key to honoring the client.


Module 5: Mindfulness; the fourth foundation of HBC. Mindful Coaching is crucial. Sometimes a client is emotionally charged. As a Coach, it is a must to hear his/her thoughts, feelings, and body movement. A client will be able to feel safe, appreciated, and supported!

Module 6: Acknowledgment, the fifth foundation of HBC. Learn how to see, hear, and listen in depth to the whole essence of the human being.


Module 7: ALIMA Model; Practicing the model and other coaching skills.

ICF Journey


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization in the coaching industry. ICF is advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards for all Coaches and Coaching schools.

 The public can trust to work with ICF Certified Coaches or Training organizations. That means they went through rigorous coaching requirements. Also, if you are a Coach in a particular country and your client is in another country. A client can check you through ICF that you are a Professional Coach!

We aim to ensure you can go through this process as you comply with all the requirements for your ICF credential!


ICF Journey is an interactive online workshop intended for the CHBC (Certified Heart-based Coaches) or Certified Life Coaches from other schools or organizations.

Coach, are you looking for a community that supports you in the following
~ ICF (International Coaching Federation) Application?
~ The CKA (Coach Knowledge Assessment) Examination?
~ Practice Coaching Skills?
~ One-on-one call with a Mentor?

Welcome, this class is for you, a 1-hour call weekly.

Week 1: Overview of the Program
Week 2: ICF Code of Ethics, Coaching, and Mentorship Call
Week 3: ICF Core Competencies
Week 4: ICF Definition, Coaching, and Mentorship Call
Week 5: Practice Coaching Scenarios, FAQ
Week 6: ICF Standards, Vision Board, Mentorship Call



"I live in a small community in the interior of BC. I am a TA at a local Elementary school. I help support several students in and out of the classroom. Some students that I work with, may struggle with Autism, have poor social skills, or have a learning disability. 


The skills I’ve learned in the HBC program have strengthened my communication skills not only with my students and colleagues, but also in my personal circles. I felt that my relationship with my grown daughter has become much stronger as she has recently gone through a very difficult time. I would recommend the HBC program to parents, teachers, and students. Learning these skills will help you grow as a coach and as an individual. 


I wasn't familiar with online classes and would definitely recommend this way of learning. The discussions and activities were often challenging for me. I was always encouraged and knew I was in a positive, nonjudgmental environment."

             - Cheryl

Our Clients

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